Hybrid between enterprise and consumer level Internet services monitoring.

Quickly confirm or eliminate Internet related issues at unmanned locations, with IoT, as MSP, etc.

No learning curve, servers to host or budget concerns, just add agents.

Monitor individually and/or use in a distributed manner.

Always know if Internet problems are in the building, with the provider or beyond.

Downloadable Software Agent

Windows 7, 8 and 10
Linux Centos7, Debian7, others
OpenWrt ar71xx, ramips
Use while waiting for hardware agent/s delivery

Start monitoring in minutes!

The Best Option, On the Job 24/7

You can’t find problems if a PC/server gets turned off.
Our hardware monitors continuously, logging everything,
is self updating, using only 1500mW max. Plug it in and
it is immediately on the job for you. Only $35

Order Now!

Try Logicore: Sign up, install an agent, monitor!
Even faster, see the reports of a live demo agent running
Logicore is absolutely affordable at only $5/month after your free trial period 

Pro Level Features

Maintaining five subscribed agents automatically 
enables Pro Level features such as customer
‘view only’ accounts, admin functions to manage 
many agents in one view and more.

Learn about pro level

Programmers / Integrators

Integrate Logicore into your
software or hardware devices.
Help your customers while earning as
an affiliate at the same time.

Help your customers AND earn

Learn More

Dump The Costly Static IP

Get an easy to remember URL to access security cameras, web servers and other devices at home or office at no cost. Simply install an agent then enable the DDNS option. Learn more

Free Security Scan

Secure your network by catching open ports early. Get an ongoing scan for open ports on your router / firewall at no cost. Simply install an agent. Learn more

Internet Tools

Your public IP is or better yet, use our free DDNS service.
Convert bits, bytes, megabytes and/or get estimates of file download times. Try our converter and calculator.


Live Demo

Try our live demo of a real agent monitoring an Internet connection and see what your NutPile reports will look like. No more mystery outages, you’ll always know. Try it now!

The Logicore Agent

Zoom into your connection. Our software logs Internet outages as short as one second, along with other details. Agent comes as a software package or mini hardware device. Learn more

Reports And Statistics

Reports show frequency, length, average times of outages, latency, fully automated speed testing, historical data and more. You can even receive an email when outages occur.

More Information

Speed tests are an interesting tool but limited in what they can tell you. The only way to discover problems is with ongoing monitoring. Learn more



End Frustration

It’s hard to get help without information. Logicore automatically logs a variety of metrics including issues with home or business Internet services so you’ll know who to contact and what details to give them. Learn more


Tested Safe!

Logicore does not profile Internet data. No personal information or usage is captured. Only Internet connection performance is tested. Please review our Privacy Statement


Tested safe by softpedia, cnet and others

ISP Monitoring

For IT and tech support companies, Logicore customer-side IP monitoring is an affordable way to discover and eliminate Internet related problems, saving you time and money. Learn more



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