Logicore Networks RMM Suite – Near real time Internet connectivity and security monitoring.

Overview shows status of one or thousands of locations being monitored.

Instant alerts of possible Internet disruptions or unauthorized open firewall ports.

Encrypted remote admin access to equipment rooms, networks without opening firewall ports.

No learning curve, no servers or software need be installed, ready to go today.

Primary objectives

To offer a near real-time, low impact method of:

  • Ensuring Internet/IP connectivity and communications are always up.
  • Alerting for potential network and/or security problems such as unauthorized firewall ports.
  • Providing secure, encrypted access to remote equipment  rooms and networks without opening firewall ports.
  • Detailing network  issues for provider accountability eliminating finger pointing and potential lawsuits.

Low cost, easy deployment

  • No special servers or software needed.
  • Monitoring agents just $49.95/each per location
  • In-depth graphical reports are $10/month with updates, new features and support included. 
  • Self contained hardware agent–no additional software to install at remote locations.
  • Overview map shows all locations, whether you have ten or ten thousand. 
  • Individual agents can send alerts via SMS/Email.
Business And Home

Broadband initiatives, hotel and other chains, remote employees, remote sensing/equipment. Easy deployment anywhere, any time, any situation where IP connectivity is involved.

MSP, ITSM, IT Personnel

Reliable services are a must. Preempt problems, save time and money by confirming or eliminating Internet related events.

Instant Notifications

Quickly learning about connectivity issues and potential security risks are especially important for critical services that are partly or fully Internet dependent.

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