If you are a developer involved in supporting hardware/software that depends on reliable Internet connectivity, here is an opportunity to shine while helping others.

We have been asked if we would support more platforms and the answer is yes, but it takes time to get there. Most people install our Windows agent or they order our pre-configured devices. We certainly want to see our agent being used in as many ways as possible and that requires compiling the code on different platforms.

However, ramping up to support a new platform takes more than compiling, it takes a deeper understanding of that platform in order to make sure that everything will work correctly. We currently support Windows 7/8/10, Centos7, Debian7 and others along with openwrt running on AR71xx and ramips. 

We typically ship pre-configured dedicated devices but realize that many already own their own. As such, we recently redesigned the control panel to allow users to download our monitoring agent to be installed on their own hardware. We need feedback in order to update our list of supported devices.

This process would be sped up by working with you, the developer to include Logicore in your software or hardware. Not only can you make Logicore available to your customers but you can earn while doing so too as an affiliate.

Supporting platforms

Logicore can be used with Windows, embedded Windows, Linux devices, routers, development boards such as Arduino, BeagleBone, Intel, Raspberry, TI and many others that require Internet connectivity. Various operating systems and especially routers and firewalls could put Logicore to good use.

Examples include ClearOS, DD-Wrt, Endian firewall, IPCop, IPFire, m0n0wall, OpenWrt, pfSense, Shorewall, Smoothwall, SonicWALL, Vyatta, VyOS, UFW, Untangle and others.

There is a bit of a point to make here about open source and proprietary. Many in the open source community feel that all code should be freely available to all. We somewhat agree but we also understand the massive costs involved in getting to a point of having code to begin with.

We want to work with people who understand the investment involved in getting to this point and finding a balance of helping Internet users while at the same time understanding that Logicore is a private entity. There are different ways that we can work together, perhaps giving your community free services, generating funds for your organization or even other ideas.

Let’s work together and start making the Internet highly reliable for everyone by ensuring accountability when outages and other problems occur. Please contact us any time.

Become an affiliate

Our affiliate program is available to companies or individuals with a track record in the IT/Tech Support industry that may be interested in reselling Logicore as part of their product or service. If interested in becoming an affiliate, please fill out the following form to get the ball rolling.


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