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Prior to becoming Logicore Networks around 2000, our past includes operating as NewForce Communications. NewForce initially started life by offering BBS services (1988 – 1995) which quickly became an ISP serving customers between Jan 1993 through to Dec 1999.  Services included Internet access via dial-up 56K, ISDN along with dedicated connections and point to point T1 circuits. 

Shared and dedicated hardware hosting were also offered along with all traditional Internet services, email, web sites and even VoIP services for early adopters. NewForce was also involved in the early days of digital encoding including live Internet video broadcasting and video production/editing services.

When Logicore Networks was established, the company was offering offering VoIP, managed services along with centralized virtual offices which allowed employees in any location to become part of the office.  Around 2012, the company decided to stop offering VoIP services to focus on a specific niche for a smaller number of companies that needed ‘all in one’ services such as web site design, maintenance, VoIP, email, site hosting and in some cases, custom requirements.

During our MSP phase, we realized that we needed a simple, effective method of eliminating or confirming Internet related issues when customers would contact us complaining that their services were not working. In almost every case, the issues had nothing to do with our managed services and almost always with their own Internet connectivity.

Thus was born what would become 

Why was created

The short answer is that most everything is being put onto the Internet and we are becoming increasingly dependent on Internet providers and their network providers to keep us online.

Initially a very simple piece of software for our own use, we decided it could be useful for other companies and individuals to use as well. 

Before launching as a service, we spent two years developing the monitoring software because no tools existed that could do the job we needed. The tool, called the agent, is incredibly accurate, able to log outages as little as one second in length along with many details.

Users can monitor one or any number of Internet/IP network connections at one or more locations with all reports being consolidated into one browser based control panel. Monitoring connections eliminates the mystery of IP services, finger pointing and most important, the lack of details when needing to get something repaired.

As more people start using, we plan is to add more and more functionality, features and options. We are constantly working hard on making the control panel and dashboards as easy to use as possible in order to determine problems quickly. 

How is generated and used

All data generated, aggregated and correlated is based on the basic functions of TCP/IP and Internet communications. does not gather data in any illegal manner, nor does it use intrusive methods and gathers no personal data. achieves its goals through a mix of standard and custom tools and many algorithms we have developed. The end result is how we pull all of that data together, extracting meaningful details which can be turned into usable reports and information to help find problems. agents send source/destination test results conducted from their location to data centers where we have resources. is not intended to show negative information about network providers but to allow users to help find problems and report them to the proper network provider.

The information gathered can be used by network providers who are interested in ensuring high levels of services and to be more transparent to consumers. Unfortunately, many providers seem to have a culture of never admit to problems, no matter how many customers problems might affect. We hope to help change these practices.

Our mission is solely to help bring reliable Internet services to everyone.