Get free Dynamic DNS services if you need to reach a home or office network and monitor the performance of your Internet service provider at the same time.

What’s the catch? There isn’t one!

Logicore Networks compiles Internet Service Provider (ISP) performance statistics that can help everyone get more reliable Internet services. Net Neutrality is an important issue that affects us all and it is important we get not only what we are paying for, but also highly reliable services.

Promised speeds and actual throughput are two very different things. ISPs can easily throttle, limit and slow down our throughput because there may not be enough capacity to provide the throughput of the speeds being sold. Many users suffer ongoing intermittent problems because their connection needs upgrades and/or repairs, but nothing gets done until problems hit critical mass.

The performance data we collect is from the consumers point of view and can help ISPs to make those repairs. One person contacting support may be brushed off and told to reboot their PC or modem, but when multiple people call in, armed with the details Logicore provides, it is harder to ignore, especially when members can share reports on social media sites.

DDNS plus + outage reports

When you install our software, it gives you DDNS at no cost and also monitors how well your ISP is doing. Reports show frequency, length, average times of outages, latency, fully automated speed testing based on triggers, historical data and more. You can even receive an email when your Internet has gone down.

The Logicore agent monitors your ISP and the higher level upstream providers they use to help determine where problems might exist before they become critical. Think of the agent as something that is gathering performance data from your perspective instead of the potentially biased view your ISP might provide to you. (If you’ve ever been told “everything looks fine on our end” or “we’re not seeing any problems in your area” or “you’re the only one who has called in having issues” then you know what we mean.)

Once installed, the Logicore Internet monitoring agent begins to communicate with our data center 24/7, keeping a watchful eye on your connection performance. As a result, the agent knows when your router IP has changed and automatically updates our DNS servers so you can continue to reach your network using the same URL.

In turn, we can offer these services for free as a thank you for helping us gather metrics about Internet reliability that can help everyone. Here is an overview explaining how the whole thing works and our disclaimer that we do not, in any way, monitor the actual traffic on any connection, only the performance of the connection. Logicore Networks does not believe in profiling and therefore will not take part in such activities.

A static IP can get expensive!

Providers typically charge around $10 to $15 per month per static IP. If you use a DDNS service, you need a router that communicates with a DDNS service in order to update your IP as it changes.

Why bother with complicated configurations? Simply install the Logicore agent, then from your Logicore Control Panel under “Agent Settings” you can enable or disable the DDNS function.

Your URL will be ‘‘, the ID of the agent you have installed combined with (Super easy to remember!) 

If you want a reminder of what the URL is, just look at your reports for this agent and you’ll see the fixed URL as the first item in the Agent Details (right hand image).

From then on, you’ll be able to reach your home or office router and any services behind it–web, email, data storage–using an easy to remember name. The URL will continue to exist for as long as you keep your agent running so that it can constantly update our DNS servers.

Need a fixed URL for multiple locations?

If you have more than one location you would like to reach, simply install an agent at each location, enable the DDNS function and you’ll have a fixed URL for each location. Agents and their settings are managed from your Outages Control Panel (OCP).

Open port security scan (Beta Testing)

Also included as part of your Internet monitoring service is an Internet sided scan of your network to help you know when something has changed. By keeping an eye on open ports, including a history, it will be easier for you to know if you are susceptible to someone hacking into your home or office network.

Sometimes, while testing something, it is easy to overlook a previous setting or accidentally leaving a port open which should have been closed. Our scan lets you know about it and explain what the port is used for, letting you decide if it should remain open or closed. (For example, port 25, an SMTP mail server, port 80, an HTTP/S web server.) Members simply enable the scan in their LCP and the reports will start showing up after the first scan. Reports show open ports, recently closed ports and other information.

Note: This service is in beta testing with some work left on how the reports can be displayed in the clearest, most useful way. 

More agents, better metrics

The more people who install the Logicore agent, the better the information becomes for everyone.

We encourage you to take advantage of the free services by installing an agent today and become a member of the Logicore Networks community.  We hope you will find Logicore to be a very useful service and share the site with coworkers and friends.

Take the mystery out of Internet problems, share your reports with neighbors and friends and start seeing the bigger picture. 


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