Host monitoring FAQ

The Host Monitoring service can be enabled from the Logicore control panel (LCP) to monitor Internet accessible services or remote hardware such as security cameras and other devices. If something becomes unreachable, you have the option of receiving either an email or an SMS (text message) or both notification about the problem.

From the LCP, click on Hosts and you will be presented with a page allowing you to set up host monitoring.

Here, you can enter the IP of the host or device along with up to 8 TCP ports and 2 UDP ports. Please note that if you wish to monitor matching TCP and UDP ports, you need only enter the UDP ports and the service will automatically test for both TCP and UDP.

Enter the time zone so that reports can be set to the host or device time zone in order for your reports to be accurate. If you do not enter a time zone, your reports will be in UTC time.

Enter an email address where you would like to receive notifications and/or an SMS phone number. SMS messages do not contain as much detail as email notifications do.

Note that notifications will immediately be disabled after the first one. This is to prevent email or SMS spamming so that our services do not get blocked by remote services. You can re-enable notifications by logging back into the LCP.

After clicking on Create, you will be redirected to your hosts list. If you have more than one host, they will be shown in a list similar to this one.

The Actions dropdown allows you to create additional hosts and/or devices to monitor.
Activate or pause monitoring by clicking on the green icon in the right hand Actions options.
The blue pencil icon allows you to edit the configuration for each host being monitored. Note that the IP cannot be edited but ports and notification options can be.

Click on the icon in the Reports column for the host/device that you wish to view reports for.


Your first host/device comes with 7 days of free monitoring so that you can evaluate the service and see if it meets your needs. After the 7 days are up, a shopping cart will appear which allows you to set up a subscription. Any additional hosts or devices added will appear with a shopping card from this point on.

We keep our prices low in order for you to enjoy using our services.

If you find any problems, we ask that you please let us know. Feedback and suggestions are welcome too. Our forums are the best place to communicate with us and others.

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