Logicore helps Internet broadband initiatives by providing important information network operators can use to maintain and refine their systems.

While our main focus is monitoring the performance of Internet services from the consumer’s point of view, our Internet monitoring solution can be especially useful for network operators that must ensure their services are reliable in order to gain consumer confidence and motivate people away from other providers.
For IT and network operators, Logicore is an affordable method of knowing exactly where problems might be, from the customers perspective. You’ll know if the problems are at the customer location, with the provider network or even beyond. Discover how Logicore reports can help you by watching a live agent in action by clicking here.

Instant download or hardware agents

If a situation arises where you need to monitor instantly, a downloadable agent can be used. The software version runs on Windows 7/8/10 and Linux/Debian 7.x.

For long term ongoing monitoring we highly recommend our hardware agents. Our basic hardware agents are the best option for 24/7 monitoring and are only $49.95. They come preconfigured, and start monitoring upon connection to the LAN and being powered.

Unlike PCs running the software, hardware agents don’t get accidentally turned off, missing important events. They also automatically update, can be remotely rebooted and run 24/7 without any human interaction using only about 1 watt. Perfect for remote, unmanned locations or locations which have a limited amount of power such as solar.

By installing a mix of our software onto consumer PC/Servers and using our hardware device, operators can monitor their Internet services and get valuable reports.
Reports show when, where and with whom problems are occurring, along with simple to understand text such as “the problem is at your location” or “the problem is with your Internet provider” or  “the problem is beyond your Internet provider.” Details include which hops might be experiencing problems along with other  optionally enabled functions such as fully automated speed testing.
Hardware agents are a one time cost and reports are billed at only $8/month. This is a cost which can easily be absorbed by saving time and money or passed on to the customer.

We appreciate feedback to improve our technology

We really enjoy finding test cases that prove Outages.io usefulness.  If you are an administrator of a broadband initiative, we’d could offer you discounted services for your feedback. Your feedback helps us to know how our product is working in various environments, what improvements or additions we can make and much more.

Check out our web site, try out the demo and contact us to find out how we can help. We appreciate seeing efforts such as municipal and private broadband projects and want to find ways of helping your group along with spreading the word about Logicore.