Logicore tracks “wht’s mssng” to discover what’s happening with your Internet
As we start to make some noise about Logicore, we’re starting to see responses on social media from Internet providers who try to discredit our services: “What would Logicore know about it? They can’t see into our private network”.

True, we can’t see into their private networks and we don’t poke around in their infrastructure or do anything sneaky or illegal. But figuring out what’s going on with their connectivity is kind of like discovering a black hole – you are able to find it because of what’s missing that should be there.

Or maybe you’ve seen those posts on social media where someone writes a few sentences and leaves out all the vowels or changes some of the letters to numbers. After staring at it a few seconds, you’re able to read it by filling in what’s missing. 7H15 15 0N3 W4Y L061C0R3 W0RK5 T0 D3C1PH3R WH4T 15 H4PP3N1N6.  (This is one way Logicore works to decipher what is happening.)

More is definitely better in networking
We use traditional networking methods along with intelligent logic to figure out what is going on using only publicly available information. Logicore uses a two sided algorithm, one on the agent side along with several algorithms on the network side to keep track of what is there, was there, is missing along with external sources to hone in on the actual location of the problem. Add ten thousand or a million other agents doing the same thing and you quickly get the picture. It’s simply impossible to hide problems.

Our custom algorithms are faster than human beings at catching problems with your Internet connection. In fact, we can catch outages as short as 300ms which is pretty amazing, though more detailed than most users might need.

Logicore gives you the proof you need to solve your provider’s connection issues.
Why did we build this service? Reliable high-speed Internet has become a vital tool for our work and personal lives. When things go wrong, Internet providers often put the customer in the hot seat, making them come up with the proof that they are having issues before they do troubleshooting that goes beyond “reboot your modem or router and call us back if you’re still having problems.” It’s frustrating to know you have an issue but not be able to prove it and be taken seriously.

Our team at Logicore Networks depends on our Internet connections to get our work done. Some of us work from remote and when our providers are having issues, it’s frustrating. Despite having worked in IT for the last 25 years, we have had to jump through the same hoops our customers do when we call tech support to let them know there’s an issue with their service. We have had to debug our own customers’ connections because their providers would point the finger at us and blame our services when the problems were in fact their own Internet connection.

Even purchasing a ‘business’ level package is no guarantee you won’t get the runaround from your provider when your connection drops. Luckily, thanks to our product, we can easily decipher if the problem is on our end, at the Internet provider’s location or happening with one of the upstream providers on the Internet. It’s certainly gratifying when we can call in our issue, get some initial push back that they don’t see any outages, give our provider specifics and have them call back 15 minutes later confirming that we were right and they are sending a repair truck to our area.

We all have our tech support nightmare stories and our hope is that we can eliminate the frustration our customers feel when things go wrong with their Internet connection by helping them figure out who exactly is having the problem and giving them the tools to show their provider when it IS actually their fault.

Want to see how Logicore can help you? Simply install an agent and give it a try!


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