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The blame game you’ll always lose! If your company offers online services, it’s almost a given your customers will blame your business before blaming their own bad Internet connections. What if a simple tool showed the problems were not with you, but maybe with their provider or somewhere else on the Internet?  We can help, and best of all, it won’t cost your company a dime! In the many years our team has worked in IT and hosting services, the one thing that never fails is getting angry customers calling us when they think our services are down or slow, but it’s actually their own Internet provider. While all networks suffer problems now and then, most consumers have no idea or don’t care how much goes into maintaining these complex environments in order to keep them running 24/7 year round. Their first response is to blame you. Losing customers because their own Internet services are unreliable is frustrating. Worse yet, sometimes these unhappy customers will post and share negative experiences online, falsely pointing the finger at your company’s services and reliability instead of where the blame firmly belongs, their spotty Internet connection. Monitor home or business Internet connections Logicore gives anyone the ability to see how their Internet service is working.  Members simply install a monitoring agent (either our free software or our low cost hardware) on an Internet connection to instantly start generating reports and statistics. The agent communicates with one of our networks, measuring and gathering statistics. Within minutes, members begin building a picture of how reliable their Internet really is.   Reports show frequency, length, average times of outages, latency, throughput samples, historical data, optional email notifications  and more. A convenient tickets manager lets members keep track of each time support has been contacted for help.  If neighbors also use the service, everyone gets an even clearer picture of how the Internet is working in surrounding areas. The solution: A simple joint promotion Help us get the word out by sharing our consumer service and encouraging your customers to try Logicore Networks to find out what’s really going on with their Internet.  Everyone can use the service at no cost but if someone wants a higher level of reports, they can upgrade for a small fee. No costs to your company, so you have nothing to lose but the finger pointing and blame.   Please share This small gesture helps us to tell others about the service, offering it at little to no cost. Everyone deserves reliable Internet services.