At Logicore, we believe protecting consumer privacy is important.  We look forward to the day when opt-In profiling is less all-encompassing and data breaches are a thing of the past.  We understand that “free” services usually come with strings attached, but it doesn’t mean it’s ok for that entity to sell your choice over and over so that you effectively lose control over your own data. These practices really need to end so that we can all better manage what we want to share or not. 

Today, we’ve learned about two interesting sites which allow you to block tracking cookies to at least help limit the amount of advertising sent to you via browser.  

NAI Consumer Opt out Page
The NAI page explains the following:
“Opting out of interest-based advertising does not mean you will no longer see advertising online. It does mean that the company or companies from which you opt out will no longer show ads that have been tailored to your interests.”

WebChoices: Digital Advertising Alliance’s Consumer Choice Tool for Web US
The WebAdChoices page explains the following:
“Using this browser tool, you can control the collection and use of Web viewing data for interest-based advertising and other applicable uses on this browser, by some or all of the participating companies.”

These and other sites, along with the new GDPR guidelines, are hopefully a step in the right direction for consumers regaining some of their privacy online. 

Help us get the word out about these sites, they certainly need to be shared and used. If you know of any other similar services and especially those which actually allow blocking of unwanted advertisers, we’d love to learn about them.

Please use our Contact Us form and we’ll be happy to add the info here.



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