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About Logicore Networks

What ever tools being used to monitor and manage remote customers and sites, it is often a good bet that something might be missing to make it complete. Sometimes, this is not a large bloated solution but a number of smaller, easily deployed ones that bring everything together.

The Logicore solution includes tools which can help you to confirm or eliminate problems which could cause disruption of data flow, loss of productivity, cause security alerts and in some cases, even lawsuits due to one or all of the above.

The solution comes with five main components

  • Secure, encrypted access to remote LANs that you maintain without opening firewall ports
  • Hardware agents come with built in DNS server for redundancy and some additional privacy
  • Ongoing scans of remote Router/Firewall/Devices for unauthorized open ports
  • Internet connectivity monitoring with detailed outage data
  • Reports show exactly where problems were/are, length, IP, hop, owner and other details.
  • Optionally enabled image/video camera for security and job evaluation of remote repairs


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