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Regional Affiliates

Logicore Networks offers a unique premise based home and business Internet monitoring solution which allows anyone to view reports showing how reliable their services are.

Reports show frequency, length, average times of outages, latency, fully automated speed testing, historical data and more. An email can be sent when the monitoring agent is no longer sending data, perhaps powered off or disconnected, when there is an outage or an instant notification of an outage.

There is nothing like it in the marketplace which means an opportunity for you.
Check out the overview for more details.

Affiliate Payouts
Logicore Networks Affiliates earn ongoing revenues from the customers you send to us who sign up for our monitoring packages. You’ll earn 10% of the monthly subscriber fee, whether it is a “Home” subscription or a “Partner” subscription.  

Home users do not pay an annual fee, but pay a higher monthly rate (around $15/month) for the service. Partners pay an annual fee of $150 to receive a discounted monthly rate of $6/per subscription.  You’ll receive 50% of the annual Partner Fee each year that the partner remains a subscriber.   

Who Are Your Prospective Customers?
Content providers, IT, Tech support companies, remote, unmanned locations, all can now monitor Internet reliability from premises and view centralized reports. Smaller companies may be interested in monitoring dozens of remote office locations while larger companies could be in the hundreds to thousands of locations.  

Home users may be frustrated by bad Internet connections and hours of dealing with tech support to fix the problems. Entire neighborhoods might be suffering ongoing issues and the more neighbors that start monitoring, the more information can be gathered to help the local Internet provider help everyone in the area. There is no discounting multiple voices.

Monthly Revenues Add Up Quickly!
The more agent subscriptions you sell, the more your monthly checks will grow.  Sell two partners a month and you’ll be getting an extra $150.  Every $6 agent they assign to their account will net you 10% each month of that fee.  

It starts off small.  Maybe one partner with 20 accounts – $75 plus $12/month.  Next month, you sell another partner account for another $75 plus this one wants 30 accounts (your share is $18/month on the subscription). Now you’re getting $30/month without having to do anything more.  

Find a couple more partner accounts and that’s another $150 check, plus your $30/month and whatever number of agents those two partners add.(Let’s say 50 in total).  Now you have 100 accounts/month – $60/month, coming in for possibly years to come.

Earn As Much As You Want
Our affiliate program is mainly for those who are interested in a little ongoing income. However, someone who is well connected could in fact end up being paid for thousands monthly. It only takes a handful of larger IT / Tech support companies and/or content providers who need to ensure their customers are getting good Internet services so their own services don’t get blamed.

Other industries that could use our solution include any that count on their customers Internet being reliable. Alarm companies doing remote motoring for example, hotel chains that rely on Internet services for much of their operations including guess being able to communicate, VoIP providers and the list goes on.

Countless industries heavily depend on their customers Internet services being reliable and adding premise based monitoring helps everyone to quickly assess when and where problems are occurring.

If someone wanted to turn this opportunity into a full time job, it would not take long for monthly earnings to start ramping up and we would work with you to find new markets and opportunities.

Commercial Users
Imagine this: by next year, you’ve signed on 20 Partner accounts paying you $1,500/year as they renew their annual fees (50% of the $150 annual fee).  They have 600 agents subscriptions at $6/month between them, paying you $360/month or $4,320/year.  You’ve just made $5,820/year through the affiliate program!

The better connected you are in the IT industry, the better your chances of finding IT companies that could use hundreds and/or thousands of monitoring agents. IT companies can absorb the cost since they will save time and money keeping customers happy or they can bill their customers the lost monthly cost.
Home And Small Business
Add to it the home users like your neighbor, who is ready to throw his cable modem out the window.  He’ll sign up for $14.95/month and you’ll get $1.49 of that each month he keeps the service.  Get the whole neighborhood fired up and using Logicore. 

Hit the small businesses in your area who don’t want to sign up as partners because they only need 2 or 3 agents, so they pay the higher $14.95/month rate, but it’s worth it to them.  We believe this is a service that will be attractive to the home users and small businesses as well as larger companies.  But we need your help to get the word out!

Try Before You Buy
Sometimes, it is easier to show something than to try explaining it. To help you sell, we’ll ship an evaluation hardware monitoring device to any company you find who is interested in evaluating out solution.

End users can opt to use a downloadable Windows 7/8/10 monitoring agent or they can opt to purchase a tiny hardware device that uses next to nothing for power and that won’t get accidentally shut down like a PC could. The hardware monitoring agent is inexpensive, is a one time purchase and can be re-used. Please see the hardware agent details.

We’ll do everything in our power to help you land the sale.
Phoenix, Flagstaff and Tucson – Affiliates Wanted!
Are you Internet savvy and willing to walk customers through a simple installation? We are rolling this out across North America and need someone in Arizona to start in metro areas to get the widest variety of customer base possible.  Get on the ground floor and help us create opportunities for sales by offering evaluations which can turn into Partner signups. 

With dozens of industries heavily relying on reliable Internet, you could earn a substantial ongoing income for your efforts. The larger the company using our solution, the more monitoring agents they could have in use.  

If you show a strong ability for finding new customers for Logicore Networks, we’ll make sure to reward you with even higher monthly revenues.  If interested, please forward your resume so that we may contact you.

We look forward to hearing from you.

Logicore Networks LLC
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