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Logicore Software development

Logicore Networks provides lifecycle software development from idea conception and development through designing, programming, documenting, testing and bug fixing. We offer ongoing development support and updates. We can provide fully hosted solutions in our data center. We are locally owned and based in the southwestern United States.

Our time and skills spent developing and maintaining our own software infrastructure has taught us to understand the scope of related services that go into engineering and building software, including the importance of the considering the hardware requirements as part of the solution.

Our SaaS services including the Logicore RMM suite and the consumer focused service Each service has a WordPress web site for information and a yii based back end for the services. All are maintained by our in-house team.

Let Logicore Networks create and support your next project. Contact us with your requirements today.

Our focus is database oriented application development:

  • Agile Software Development (Scrum)
  • Database Architecture and Design (DB2, Oracle, MySQL/MariaDB)
  • MVC Development Frameworks (YII)
  • Object Oriented Programming (PHP, Javascript)
  • Testing & QA (Acceptance and Functional Tests)

Competent in:

Active Directory, Apache, AS400 & iSeries, DNS, Git, HTML, Javascript, MySQL/Mariadb, PHP, Ruby on Rails, Scrum, SEO, SQL, UML Design, Wordpress development and testing, XML, Yii and others.

These are just some of the skills we need on an almost daily basis as we maintain our infrastructure along with customers.


While one of our services offers a Windows based agent, we specialize in Linux based environments. Other than some Windows desktops, everything else is Linux based. Most of the operating systems are Centos, Debian and some Ubuntu along with others. Since we manage our own infrastructure, we fully understand the need for reliable services.

Logicore RMM in a box
Our near real time, low impact, low bandwidth use Internet and unauthorized firewall ports monitoring solution.
RMM in a box includes everything needed to ensure that remote Internet connected locations are always up. Provides secure access to remote equipment  rooms and networks without opening firewall ports. And much more!
Get the proof you need to get help with your Internet services.
See exactly where your Internet problems are happening. Know if problems are on the local network, with the provider or beyond with actionable facts to post on your providers social page.
No subscriptions, no contracts, is completely FREE. Demo
This demo shows all of the views and functions available to you when you monitor your Internet using our free consumer service,
This is a live demonstration of an Internet connection being monitored in real time.
Not all functions are available in this demo but it helps give some insight on what to expect.