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My software agent keeps showing Inactive

The software agent is the type that you download and install on your own hardware.

First, go to your dashboard and look at the status of Comms in the Agent Details section. In very rare cases such as hacking and other unusual activity, one of the Logicore algorithms could block and prevent communications from an agent. This is a very rare case and most likely, there is something else and your Comms will show Enabled.  

Here are some steps to take. 

Most obvious is to ensure that the PC has Internet access.

Next, on Windows, find the Services list for your particular version and look for the Logicore service. Right click on that service and you’ll see a Restart option. Try that and look at your Logicore dashboard to see if it starts communicating. It might stay in Inactive mode for a short while as it just gives it a little time to run before showing Active again.

If you still see no traffic, is it possible that a virus scanning program, Windows firewall or something else is blocking the agent from reaching the Logicore network?

If you have another PC, you could install another agent on that one to confirm that there is nothing on your network blocking the agent.

Finally, you could re-install the agent on your Win10 PC by going to your dashboard, clicking on manage and using the Re-Install option. This will allow you to re-install without losing the data you’ve already accumulated.

On the other hand, if you simply want to trash what you have now, uninstall the agent from your PC and use the Delete option. This will remove the instance from your dashboard and you can re-create a new agent using the Actions dropdown in the Manage Agents list.

If none of the above work, please feel free to contact support.